By leading-edge technologies, Coinmap will deliver users with more in-depth analysis instrument to make profit in multiple market.


CEX Trading

Exclusive AI-powered trading assistant to quickly identify opportunities, together with our position managing tools to efficiently optimize your trading profit.

CEX Trading

DEX Trading

DEX Trading is the leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange in the BNB chain, and more expand in the future.

DEX Trading offers both Web-based and Bot-based trading technologies with multiple schools of in-depth, secure, reliable and convenient technical support. Buy and sell crypto on DEX Trading now.


Information HUB


Education Platform

Coinmap Education is a platform carrying mission to offer users totally different training courses in terms of quality content and practical knowledge.

Education Platform

CoinMap Capital

Even as talented traders, being full-time trading and achieving financial success without substantial funding is challenging. Coinmap Capital is the solution as we provide satisfactory budgets for certified traders with acceptable commissions to make stable profits.